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We are looking after your eye health for over 20 years. All efforts are geared towards meeting the needs of our patients. We are not just optics, but a team of highly qualified ophthalmologists and opticians with many years of experience. This gives us the opportunity for a highly professional understanding of each individual case. Over the years, we have understood the importance of communicating with ophthalmologists in making glasses. In order to provide you with a quality product, a whole team of specialists takes care of its manufacturing.

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EYE CABINET KOSSEV M.D., COMBINES LONG-TERM EXPERIENCE, Professionalism, high quality of service, extreme care and respect for patients. Complete Eye Diagnosis.

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Оптика Косеви ще продължи да работи след 22.03.2021 с нормално работно време и строги хигиенни мерки.