Through the years we came along with a lot of individual cases. We have worked with a lot of manufacturers of dioptric lenses. Either reading glasses or progressive lenses it always the quality of the product and the price. In order to provide perfect quality dioptric glasses we built partnership with European manufacturer of dioptric lenses. Using the newest German technologies in the field of optics we are able to offer the best quality on affordable price.

The brand that we created allows us to provide our clients with products that can’t be found in other optic stores. If you need dioptric glasses for everyday use, photochromic lenses or blue light protective lenses we can offer the best product according to your budget.

Except our own brand, we are partners with Luxottica and we can offer your favorite brands – certified Italian eyewear.

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Dynamic Sunglasses – Quality Expert DynamicPGray

Lenses from new generation. Higher contrast and polarized filter.

Combining two technologies these lenses offer fast adaptation according to the light around you.

These lenses combine the photoactive technology as they react on sunlight and change their color from 60% to 91%. With the polarized filter, they offer great protection from the sun. A good perk of these glasses is that you can wear them as sunglasses and when you enter a room the lens will react and lighten allowing you to use them in places with no direct sunlight.

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